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The companies, products and services (other than Jingles Branding) shown in this presentation are in no way associated with Jingles Branding, are not customers of Jingles Branding and are merely shown as examples of what a great jingle can do to popularise and grow a brand.

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Are you looking for that platform, tool or edge that will help you STAND OUT in the very noisy world of advertising?

What if there was something that could CUT through like nothing else… and also helps you BE REMEMBERED – years down the track?

Well, you’ve come to the right place to start finding some answers!

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Jingle Creators, Jingle Makers

Think of us as the creative team that will champion the efforts to imprint your brand on the minds of the public. 

A cracking brand message, delivered via a slogan, catch phrase, jingle or team song is the best way to Stand Out and Be Remembered on radio, TV and in Video Advertising. 

We’re here to enable the memories and attraction to your brand through creation of catchy branding tools like jingles, slogans, scripts, voice overs and on-hold messages to give your business that message carried through sound. It’ll be like the Pied Piper… attracting people to you and your brand. 

Advertising Jingles

Some of the largest companies in the world have used a jingle as the basis for their branding campaigns… in order to grow their business to what it is today.

Using sound and visual advertising on radio, tv and in internet marketing to attract your target audience is very powerful and aligns with the way most people are buying these days.

Custom Jingles

Working with our customers in a collaborative manner, we create a unique sound, message and tune – just for them.

Uniqueness is the key to standing out and a custom jingle is a great way to achieve that.

Our demos of sound branding – helping you STAND OUT and be Remembered

Advertising Jingles 

(for Radio, TV, Online)

When it comes to a jingle, the most important thing is being remembered! 

We work closely with your team to extract the value you bring to the market, the essence of who you are as a company and bring it all together to make you STAND OUT and be Remembered.

Voice Overs – for Films

Video marketing has become extremely important these days.

We do voice overs and add the shortened jingle bites… to make sure the power and consistency is kept throughout all aspects of the audio and visual branding. 

Getting a clear and well engineered, consistent sound is very important!

On-Hold Messages

When thinking about how your potential customers will perceive your brand many companies forget about their ‘on-hold phone message’.

…We hear it all the time (badum tish!)

Embed your brand identity into the small things – it will make a big impact! 


Sound ‘Style Guide’

We specialise in making a unique sound for your Brand and making sure that sound carries through to all parts of your business.

Most people these days associate branding with images, colours and graphic design.

…BUT that is WAY off the mark when considering how potential customers perceive a brand.

Prioritising brand marketing in your growth strategy is the start

The latest statistics for voice and video search (detailed above) tell the story of how important sound and audio branding tools are in marketing and advertising these days.

If people don’t remember your Ads (when they watch or listen to them…) you’ve already failed, because your customers won’t remember your brand as much as your competition – that is using something catchy.

Jingles are one of the few, largely untapped secret weapons for solid branding and huge revenue and profit growth (see McDonalds Story)!

They help your message connect emotionally with your customers in a special way, helping them remember who you are and what you do when the time is right to buy.

Jingles, slogans and other branding tools need to be used across all marketing efforts to ensure the customer experience of your brand is consistent.

Cohesiveness within a business and branding are essential for getting excellent results and also helping to set you apart from the competition.

Who are we?

We are professional songwriters, musicians, music producers and brand marketers in Melbourne.

Jingles Branding helps medium to large business from inception to results – by focussing a company’s values and greatness into powerful and effective brand marketing tools.

We are the only jingle creating company in Australia who are also brand marketing experts; creating jingles, slogans, full audio and visual presentations, advertising campaigns and management.

Our Promise to You

We’ll create the tools to help you become an Iconic Australian Brand, increasing your reach and attraction – with the first campaign – in the first year.

A ‘one-stop-shop’ to drive awareness and demand for your brand through end-to-end brand growth strategies and Advertising campaigns. 

We would love to work with you as your brand marketing partner… however we also work with other media and marketing companies to deliver excellence in just the Catchy Brand Marketing tools with sound! 

This is how we typically work

  1. Day 1 = Workshop. We help you identify the best way to communicate your Value to Your target market.
  2. Day 1 & 2. Help you craft a message that will cut through
  3. Month 1-2. We create sound and/ or visual branding presentations/ packages that will STAND OUT and be Remembered amongst your competitors.
  4. Month 3-12. We develop a brand marketing campaign that will reach your target market and drive awareness and demand for your product or service.

There is a lot of research and analysis before we hop in and make the sound happen… and we also consult with the client in the workshop on the sound they like first.

Potential extensions:

A) Holistic Branding Package to cover all branding aspects holistically ie. Visual, Auditory and other sense based branding when applicable. 

B) Advertising Campaigns using the platforms that your target market interact on ie. radio, tv and internet etc…

Music Samples

Below are some samples of our previous endeavours, some of which have had some good airplay around Australia over the past decade.

Video Samples

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Coming soon…


To create the most memorable brand messages to attract a more serious and profitable following for your business.

When a persons emotions are engaged and captivated by something that happens around them, they are many times more likely to remember what happened at that time.

That’s why good jingles are so powerful for branding, because they impress a uniqueness about your brand on the minds of those who would potentially buy the type of products or services you provide… the aim – they’ll remember your brand at the right time.

If you’re ready to find out more about how to grow your brand – ‘book a chat’ with the button below… and we’ll call you.

Our Services – Overview

Creating memorable moments through marketing material and campaigns to drive demand and brand awareness is where it all starts.

Jingles Branding offers:

  • Strategic planning workshops for brand marketing
  • Sound Branding Packages (as described above
  • Jingle writing & production (the full package, including brainstorming workshop with the client, research of the competition and market + lyric and script writing + full audio creation and production)
  • Slogan & Value statement writing
  • Radio and TV Ad Writing & Production (the full audio & visual package)

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We work all over Australia, in other people’s businesses, from home, in the car, in studios and have an office in the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne in a place called Bayswater. 

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