Who are Jingles Branding?

Hi there, my name’s Matthew.  I’m the driving force behind J.B. and one of the artistic and strategic brains involved. 

It hasn’t been a straight forward journey getting to this point, but we’ve achieved a lot and it has been mostly enjoyable.

The team is made up of experts in their chosen fields – from musicians that have been Grammy award nominees and Dove award winners, producers of audio and visual media and the all important brand marketing brains that infuse our creations into ad campaigns that people remember.

When I was growing up I loved singing but it wasn’t until I was at college in Melbourne that I actually started being a lot more creative with words and music.

To be honest I only started playing music because I found it hard to find musicians who would play my songs. Once I had an album and a song on the radio – everything changed!

15 years on and I find myself in the midst of a sales transformation revolution… as a marketing and sales leader.

How did I get mixed up in this – from being an aspiring singer/ songwriter?

Well, I actually went to college to learn how to be an engineer, but I found that my love of finding problems and creating solutions led me into a life of strategy in business.

This has all culminated in me landing in a business (Alongside Business Consulting) which focuses on helping companies to setup cohesive marketing and sales functions that do the fundamentals well. Brand Marketing and Inbound Marketing best practice is a key part of effectiveness in marketing, which not many companies do well.

So Jingles Branding was the next logical step, because it is essential to get demand generation and brand awareness right to start with – when trying to setup for growth.

This is exciting for us, as we get to use our talents but also exciting for our customers, because they are brought into a world in which only a select few venture – on a journey that only great brand marketing can take them.  

Setting up sound processes, systems and structures for branding (to compliment sales) is the next step.

One cannot expect to do anything worthwhile in the long term – unless your very import branding messages are used within a much broader marketing strategy. 

Longterm successful outcomes are what we are all about… we just fill your business up with the right fuel and ignite the flames to take your rocket ship were it has the potential to go!

The companies, products and services (other than Jingles Branding) shown in this presentation are in no way associated with Jingles Branding, are not customers of Jingles Branding and are merely shown as examples of what a great jingle can do to popularise and grow a brand.

Who else is involved?

Phil Gaudion is the director of audio and visual production at Jingles Branding. He has been a touring musician who has won a Dove award and been a Grammy award nominee with his band the Paul Colman Trio. Being a producer and professional musician for the better part of three decades has given Phil the valuable experience and honed his incredible skills to be what they are today.

Phil and his band have been entertaining fans for a few decades now. Since the band took a break the first time, he has been using his incredible skills helping other musicians bring their dreams to life as a producer. In the last decade he has added film to the list of specialties, taking on various commercial projects around Australia who want to push into reaching their customers through short films.

Matthew and Phil met during the time of discovery just prior to Matthew’s 2nd album being recorded.  A friendship was forged and an all new sound was created for Matty Benn. Phil produced this album, connected some additional pieces of the puzzle and made it a much more successful venture than the first album.


How do we work / What’s the process? 

The first step is defining what a potential customer wants to achieve in their business. While this may be a very simple thing, it is often confused by too many intangibles in the mix. 

After defining that singular focus, find that competitive advantage, sets the whole brand marketing effort a light.  A great brand positioning strategy is essential to start developing, to then slot the brand messages into so that they will further the desired outcome = reaching the singular goal defined earlier. 

This most often looks like… designing and infusing the differentiator we have identified with them, into their branding message. This helps to position the brand in the correct niche and allows them to take advantage of this new found competitiveness. Weaving it all together to make memorable branding moments for their potential customers.

We call our system ‘Catchy Brand Marketing’.

Some of the things we do everyday.

1. Making Jingles for Radio, TV, on-hold phone messages and Digital Marketing/ Media advertising

2. Making short films and video advertisements for all types of branding campaigns

3. Competitive advantage analysis, planning & strategy 

4.  Marketing mix planning & strategy 

5. Full Branding & Positioning Packages

6. Advertising campaigns (Including Physical Mail, google, facebook, linkedIn, email marketing, and some unique Ad tools that no-one else knows about!) 

Let us know what you are looking to do, leave your details and we'll be in touch - to continue the conversation.

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