Sound Branding – Melbourne, Australia – imprinting your brand on their minds!

Effective branding through a unique sound has never been more important than in today’s video crazy world. People’s senses are way over stimulated – hence you need to try even harder to Stand Out and Be Remembered!

Large companies are spending millions and billions of dollars a year on trying to make their product, service or brand cut through and be more attractive.


What does your business need… to break through the ‘noise’

…and grab the attention of your ideal customer?

The most successful customer facing companies –

“Jingled it”! 

A Jingle is literally what made the difference…

Effective Brand Marketing… is the answer

They have all used a cohesive, long term and complete brand marketing strategy. Sound and Visual branding as a package – has become even more important than it used to be. 

The ‘Golden Arches’ is just one classic and very public example of this. We all know they don’t make the nicest burgers… but their marketing is exceptional!

In 2003, McDonalds almost went bankrupt (they weren’t doing well anyway).

Their ‘I’m lovin it’ brand marketing campaign was the start of them growing 1000% which is so much more than they ever grew before launching it.

They carefully and strategically built a bigger and stronger brand around a catchy tune and a slogan that helped them to become the popular choice for fast food they are today.

There are so many fantastic success stories like these massive brand names that we all came to love and sing along to… 

  • Aussie Kids, are Weet Bix kids
  • We all adore our Vegemite
  • Lucky, ee ee , you’re with AAMI
  • Come on Aussie, C’mon, C’mon

Sound Branding

Our Motto… ‘Catchy Brand Marketing’

Jingles Branding is all about helping businesses STAND OUT from the CROWD and be remembered.

Giving companies the tools to drive demand and awareness for their brands – is what we do… as well as help with getting it out there!


How does Sound work with Branding?

Branding is not something that should be done by an agency in isolation.

It should be conducted in a closely collaborative manner making sure that the customer experience from past years in business is heavily weighted.

Who you are as a company already, and the innate value you bring to market – should be the essence from which your brand is born or grown.

Having a cohesive branding and marketing mix is essential – which includes promotion or Advertising

There are always things that should be refined, polished and also trimmed off… but that’s all part of branding.

We specialise in Sound Branding, which is an incredibly valuable branding asset to possess – which most companies overlook; even when they already do a lot of video marketing and even radio and TV advertising.

Having a holistic branding package and brand marketing campaigns to promote awareness of your brand and drive demand for it – are essential for business growth.

It’s not good enough just to have a great branding package… your brand also needs to be promoted in the right places to the right people = your target market.

The image, message, sound and experience customers (and potentials) have with your brand is ultimately what makes a strong brand rise above the rest.

Building a solid brand and having it promoted effectively is what you need to do to stand out, make an impact and take your business to the next level. A cohesive sound for your business will help people to be prompted to “get” what your on about and Jingles are one of the awesomely powerful ways to get people to remember who you are and what you do… hence we have a business!

What does Sound Branding look like?

We have conversations with people all the time – who snigger at the idea of using a jingle or rememberable catch phrase/ slogan to be the cornerstone of their branding, marketing and advertising.

I think I’ve covered off why you need it… but sound branding is more than a great jingle. It’s a holistic look into every aspect of how customers interact with you when they can hear something that you present to them.


Sound Branding Tools

– Jingles (longer)

– The jingle hook/ Musical catch phrase (shorter )

– Voice Overs – with a Sound Bite of the Jingle Hook

– On-hold voice message – with the jingle hook

– Style Guide (Genres, feel of the music, instruments, types of voices, one specific song or tune…. there are many things that go into it!)

Brand awareness and demand generation efforts are fruitless unless people remember who you are!

Most of what we do in the research, analysis and planning stage is to focus everything to be going in the same direction or have the same focal point.

Here are some of the things we do everyday – to make this happen for our customers…

1. Making jingles for radio, TV, on-hold phone messages, video marketing & media advertising

2. Making short films and video advertisements for all types of brand marketing campaigns

3. Advertisement Writing for radio, short film and video marketing

4. Brand marketing mix analysis, planning & strategy 

5. Developing full advertising campaigns (including some unique advertising platforms and tools that no-one else knows about!) 

Our Jingle & Sound Branding Services

Advertising Jingles (Radio, TV, Online)

When it comes to a jingle, the most important thing is being remembered!

We work closely with your team to extract the value you bring to the market, the essence of who you are as a company and bring it all together to make you STAND OUT and be Remembered.

Voice Overs – for Films

Video marketing has become extremely important these days.

We do voice overs and add the shortened jingle bites… to make sure the power and consistency is kept throughout all aspects of the audio and visual branding. 

Getting a clear and well engineered, consistent sound is very important!

On-Hold Messages

When thinking about how your potential customers will perceive your brand many companies forget about their ‘on-hold phone message’.

…We hear it all the time (badum tish!)

Embed your brand identity into the small things – it will make a big impact! 


Sound ‘Style Guide’

We specialise in making a unique sound for your Brand and making sure that sound carries through to all parts of your business.

Most people these days associate branding with images, colours and graphic design.

…BUT that is WAY off the mark when considering how potential customers perceive a brand.

Brand Demand Generation


Demand generation is a key function of a brand marketing and can be easily split into three key pillars:

  1. Lead generation

Before any other stages of demand generation can happen, you need to have leads to deliver your strategy to. Lead generation involves gaining the interest of potential customers and adding them to your marketable database. Once captured through a nurture program, these leads can then be handed to sales development to guide them through the sales funnel.

  1. Demand capture

If there is existing demand in the market, you can capture it and guide potential customers to your products and services. This process involves a range of lower funnel content that will establish your brand proposition, such as PPC advertisements, SEO optimisation, and 3rd party intent data.

  1. Pipeline acceleration

Once you’ve succeeded at generating or capturing demand as opportunities, you can speed up the sales process using pipeline acceleration techniques. These can be as simple as engaging in conversation with potential customers or creating highly targeted content that meets your leads’ pain points and is appropriate to their position in the sales funnel. Field marketing events are also a very common tactic for pipeline acceleration.

Brand Identity

I touched on this briefly above…

having a unique and powerful value associated with your brand identity is critical!

…hence another section solely devoted to this!

A great brand identity is closely aligned with a good marketing mix – all aspects that a customer can gage your worth as a brand has to be given attention.

  • The image including colours, what the shapes could stand for, how it makes people feel when they see it, in what places they see the brands image etc…
  • The message which is all about what focussed value the message implies, how it is given to the people ie. written, via sound or visually and with what sounds. 
  • Sounds are incredibly import as a are visuals. People are emotive creatures, hence we are huge advocates of sound branding – which we do largely with music and words combined in Jingles. However there can also be a specific tonal quality or frequency that a company will decided to base “their sound” on – which a lot of music groups and TV series do; and therefore they become known for a band/ show that has “X” sound.
  • Customer experience is something that a lot of companies forget about and is the hardest to control. In fact there have been a number of completely new careers developed over the past two decades within user and customer experience, especially with software.  Potential customers and customers alike want to have the same experience in person that they have with your promotional material. 

Having these things in place cohesively, will ultimately make your brand stand out and become much stronger. The experience people have with your brand is what helps it to rise above the rest.

It might sound simple when broken down in those terms, but it’s not something you can achieve overnight. Good branding takes time, and it’s not a magic solution. What we can promise is, that over time – taking your brand and working on branding will lead to more sales, projects, and referrals.

What can you do now?

  • Decide what aspects of branding apply to your business
  • Create a list of messages you’d like to communicate with your branding
  • Look to your favourite brands to see how they utilise brand identity to stand out
  • Plan to make your brand stand out from the crowd with one unique look, message and sound!
  • Employ someone (internal or external) who has the authority and ability to implement a brand marketing plan for you

Brand Awareness – is a must when it comes to growing a business

For a brand or brand’s product to become known for a generic product like Coke has for cola or Biro has for the ball point pen… is pretty much the pinnacle of brand awareness (sorry, Pepsi). Although you might not achieve this in your business, that doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot more to boost awareness of your brand. 

While there’s no quick fix for becoming a household name and you may not become as well-known as Coca-Cola, it can’t hurt to try, right? 

Really it’s all about displaying your brand message in the places your potential customers are likely to look, while trying to find the answers to their questions.

Your brand’s message should encapsulate that unique thing you bring to the market in a rememberable way so that your potential customers (those that align with your specific value proposition) will start to see you as their preferred option when it comes to the purchasing decision of the buying cycle.

There are many ways you can do this within marketing and within your sales process.

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