Advertising Jingles in Melbourne, Australia – Making your Ads “Pop”! 

What is a Jingle?

A jingle is a catchy, short song or tune used as a pillar for branding in a business’s marketing and advertising. The main aim is to create a memory, so that people remember the brand name, a telephone number, value/s or a particular product or service of a business. Jingles are a form of sound branding. 

Our Motto… ‘Catchy Brand Marketing’

Jingles Branding is all about helping businesses Stand Out and be Remembered for who they are and what they do. 

Unique and value centred branding is critical to business growth, as is the effective promotion of that brand in the right places so that the right people see and hear it.

We help companies Stand Out in the right places and be Remembered by the right people… driving awareness and demand for their brands.

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The companies, products and services (other than Jingles Branding) shown in this presentation are in no way associated with Jingles Branding, are not customers of Jingles Branding and are merely shown as examples of what a great jingle can do to popularise and grow a brand.

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Our Jingle & Sound Branding Services

Advertising Jingles (Radio, TV, Online)

When it comes to a jingle, the most important thing is being remembered!

We work closely with your team to extract the value you bring to the market, the essence of who you are as a company and bring it all together to make you STAND OUT and be Remembered.

Voice Overs – for Films

Video marketing has become extremely important these days.

We do voice overs and add the shortened jingle bites… to make sure the power and consistency is kept throughout all aspects of the audio and visual branding. 

Getting a clear and well engineered, consistent sound is very important!

On-Hold Messages

When thinking about how your potential customers will perceive your brand many companies forget about their ‘on-hold phone message’.

…We hear it all the time (badum tish!)

Embed your brand identity into the small things – it will make a big impact! 


Sound ‘Style Guide’

We specialise in making a unique sound for your Brand and making sure that sound carries through to all parts of your business.

Most people these days associate branding with images, colours and graphic design.

…BUT that is WAY off the mark when considering how potential customers perceive a brand.

Jingle Creators 

Think of us as the creative team that will champion the efforts to imprint your brand on the minds of the public. 

Advertising Jingles

Radio jingles and TV jingles are almost of thing of the past… but they are dynamite for branding and getting better long term outcomes as a result of advertising.

Advertising jingles are one of the major components that we specialise in – to make sure people remember you.

Some of the largest companies in the world have used a jingle as the basis for their branding campaigns… in order to grow their business to what it is today.

McDonalds is a great example of this. They used a cohesive and well planned sound branding campaign to help them steer out of bankruptcy from 2003. Since that time they have seen over 1000% growth in their stock price – as a direct result of their excellent brand marketing – through a jingle.

Using sound and visual advertising on radio, tv and in internet marketing to attract your target audience is very powerful and aligns with the way most people are buying these days.

Custom Jingles

Most of our jingles are original works, however sometimes we also use a popular tune that has already been discovered.

Working with our customers in a collaborative manner, we create a unique sound, message and tune – just for them.

The science and design of branding (especially sound branding) is incredibly important for the success of all the work we undertake for our customers.

Uniqueness is the key to standing out and a custom jingle is a great way to achieve that.

A unique edge over the competition and attracting a unique customer base is what you should be aiming for in all branding efforts.

Iconic Australian jingles

Australia has had a fascinating history with jingles. Here-below is quick video to display some of Australia’s favourites.

There are so many fantastic success stories like these massive brand names that we all came to love and sing along to… 

  • Aussie Kids, are Weet Bix kids
  • We all adore our Vegemite
  • Lucky, ee ee , you’re with AAMI
  • Come on Aussie, C’mon, C’mon
  • …And more…



What does a jingle have to do with branding?

Sound branding is probably not something you hear a whole lot, but is a critical part of holistic branding.

We use creativity with words, music, sound, visual presentations to promote and advertise your brand effectively.

Cohesiveness within a business and branding are essential for getting excellent results and also help to set you apart from the competition.

A good marketing mix combined with a complete branding package always gets better outcomes for your brand’s growth!

Jingles are one of the few, largely untapped secret weapons, helping facilitate huge revenue and profit growth (McDonalds Story)!

Prioritising branding in your growth strategy is the start!

This is how we typically work

  1. Day 1 = Workshop. We help you identify the best way to communicate your Value to Your target market.
  2. Day 1 & 2. Help you craft a message that will cut through
  3. Month 1-2. We put together a sound and/ or visual branding presentation that will STAND OUT amongst your competitors.

Potential extensions:

A) Holistic Branding Package to cover all branding aspects holistically ie. Visual, Auditory and other sense based branding if applicable. 

B) Advertising Campaigns using the platforms that your target market interact on ie. radio, tv and internet etc…

Jingle Makers

Commercial Jingles

Jingles can be used in all different forms and for all types of applications including ‘on-hold phone messages’, in promotional videos and even in and around your business.

Some companies like Mr Whippy and others have a tune that they have adopted as their “jingle” and everyone knows them for it. In fact most children know when the ice-cream van is around the corner because of that tune that everyone knows…

That’s great sound branding!

Most people will know – and love certain companies purely because they crawled into their ears over time and whenever they think about a specific product or service – that company will pop into their mind as the first choice.

Brand Jingles

In a nutshell our aim is to increase the position of our customers’ brands with holistic and cohesive branding – especially sound branding, as a major component.

Brand marketing is simply the marketing practice which companies use to create a unique impression that sticks in peoples minds, reminding them of your company when the time is right. This helps to identify a group of products or services and distinguishes them from other products and services.

Sonic Branding

What Is ‘Sonic Branding?’

It sounds like a complex concept, and it is a relatively unexplored – but it surrounds us every day. Think about sounds or jingles that you associate with brands.

Sound Branding

Sound branding is really the same as sonic branding and audio branding but it encompasses all and actually helps you to understand the basic principle that it covers all things that you experience a company’s brand with from a sound perspective.

A sound identity and sound design focuses on developing distinctive and unique sound identities for marketing and advertising application in corporate culture and brand communication.

This type of branding may be used in many different applications, but most commonly in video marketing, on-hold phone messages, radio and TV ads. By using branded sound components a company can be recognised by its sound in addition to its visual presence.

This creates a whole new dimension of possibilities for brand identity articulation. 

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Top Australian jingles of all time

When I look back at my childhood (not really that long ago) I can think of a lot of great jingles, however the real ear-worms are the ones that we’ll list here!

We believe original is normally best, but there are some times that using an already famous tune or song is of great benefit within your jingle.


  • Aeroplane jelly jingle = I even taught my kids this one, just cause I love it. It is an original song about a product brand… originals are the best!
  • Vegemite jingle = this jingle is so iconic, catchy and Australian family oriented; no wonder the world knows Australia for Vegemite
  • Australian Bananas jingle = another original jingle created to push the health benefits (and of course more sales) for Australian bananas
  • Banana Boat jingle = not original – but it’s super cute, quirky and sticks in your mind because it’s got a commercially well known catchy hook behind it
  • Ice-cream truck music = made famous by the likes of Mr Whippy.  Not an original and not really a jingle as it is just a tune – but every kid knows this age old tune by default, letting us know ‘the ice-cream van/ truck  is here!’
What makes a jingle catchy?

Catchiness is really up to the listener to offer judgement on; however finding a really easy to hum, whistle or sing – major key tune will help! 

The ease of remembering that one critical thing that a business wants you to take away from hearing the jingle, through your emotional response to the rhythm, melody and rhyme is key to a catchy jingle. All of these things you’ll be able to pick from hearing any good jingle. 

What makes a jingle truly amazing for commercial purposes, is if you hit on the value that people are looking for in a product or service – in your message as well. Making your jingle stick in their mind for multiple reasons and bringing the thing that you want them to remember back to their minds when they are in the buying mood.

Is a jingle just a catchy tune?

As mentioned above, jingles encapsulate one message about a business through music. This can be used in many ways including but not limited to radio advertising, on hold phone messages, video marketing, in the physical presence when in a shop or customers are near your place of business over speakers or television (TV).  

So no, it’s not just a catchy tune. There must be lots of work that goes into research and development of the ideas and structure of a jingle… prior to any music being attached to the jingle message.

The message itself is of the utmost importance. A jingle without a focused message can have a good impact for a business, but a focused message will have a much higher ROI because it will reach more of the specific types of people that your products, brand or services cater to best.